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Our solution

A wide range of services leading to more secure client-supplier relationships: we store, authenticate and distribute your administrative files.

How it works?

Upload your administrative documents to your secure personal account and benefit from a wide range of services.

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A wide range of services designed for you

  • Reduce your costs: we purchase your company registration certificates every 3 months
  • Choose the mandate to collect data: we contact organisations on your behalf (no extra cost)
  • Sign your legal certificates online
  • Scan and upload your documents
  • Anticipate updates with phone call and email reminders
  • Archive your documents for 15 years
  • Benefit from our hotline and customised support
  • Help inviting your clients

How it works?

Free unlimited access to up-to date suppliers’ administrative files for due diligence purposes

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A wide range of services designed for you

  • Secure your client status
  • Enjoy customised support
  • Centralise the management of your suppliers’ administrative documents
  • Streamline download of your supplier’s certificates
  • Save time
  • Archive your suppliers’ files
  • Download authenticated documents
  • We take particular responsibility for minimising risk

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Benefit from the different services we offer

  • File upload subscription 24,50 € HT / month *
  • Optional: Standard Opéra 5 € HT / month *
  • “Satisfied or money back” warranty **

* annual subscription
** discuss conditions with a customer advisor

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Attestation Légale
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Opéra: Interoperability option

Convinced that client freedom ensures loyalty and that networks must be connected with those of competitors, Attestation Légale supports the implementation of an interoperability standard.

This standard, called Opéra, was co-founded by Attestation Légale. Opera ensures a secure standard which maximises coverage of operators' networks for its members.

Just one upload and your file will be available to all your clients on every platform which is part of this standard.

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