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Services : A modest cost that quickly pays for itself, providing a wide range of services.

  • Purchase and transmission of your "extraits K-bis" every quarter.
  • Possibility of giving us a mandate to collect from organisations and insurance companies.
  • Secure transmission of your file and follow-up of free registration for your clients.
  • Legal electronic signature for statements issued on honour.
  • Digitisation of your paper documents or submission of your electronic documents.
  • Anticipation of updates via electronic or telephone reminders.
  • Your documents archived for 12 years.
  • Hotline and personalised follow-up of your requests.
  • Free access to the files of your own subcontractors and suppliers.



Simplicity : Simplification and time-saving.

« I wanted to thank you for registering us on your platform. We've found that the system saves us a huge amount of time. Once on line, you can invite your clients and suppliers to download or upload their documents, freeing us from a lot of paperwork. »

C. Bruyère, Executive Assistant – CHIEZE Jardins Espaces Verts

Security : Clients that are reassured and satisfied, for payments that arrive on time.

« This method of externalising the management of administrative paperwork has relieved us of all these tasks that, whilst essential, nevertheless have no added value. As a result, the quality of service for our clients has been raised... »

Philippe Noiton, Manager – Stéphan Métallerie

« Attestation Légale allows me to be sure that my accreditation package is up-to-date, thanks to their alerts by mail and telephone. In addition, my clients are reassured because Attestation Légale controls and authenticates all my documents. »

Y. Amara – ADC Démolition



Interoperability: Help businesses and public authorities save time, streamline their daily operation and secure their legal situation.

Convinced that client freedom ensures loyalty and that networks must be connected with those of competitors, Attestation Légale supports the implementation of an interoperability standard. This standard, called OPERA, was co-founded by Attestation Légale. Opera ensures a secure standard which maximises coverage of operators' networks for its members.

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